Questions Remain After Resignation Of Assemblyman

CCGOP freeholder candidates ask if former assemblyman is still collecting a county paycheck

CHERRY HILL – Last month, after it was learned then-assemblyman Arthur Barclay was arrested for simple assault during a domestic incident, Camden County Republican Party officials questioned why Camden County Democratic Party officials kept the situation quiet for 11 days. They also questioned the truthfulness of a county and police department spokesman who claimed they “were just made aware of the incident” when Republicans knew about it for days before county government’s admission.

Today, CCGOP freeholder candidates, Keith Cybulski, Vincent Squire and Claire Gustafson said questions still remain.

“While we don’t want to pile on Mr. Barclay as he deals with his personal issues we believe it is important that county government is transparent in how they deal with the fact that he is a county employee, or explain if he is still an employee” Keith Cybulski said. “The same county and police department spokesman who claimed they were just made aware of the situation promised it would be ‘investigated by human resources as a personnel matter.”

“The freeholders up for re-election should have asked the questions we’re asking,” Vincent Squire added. “Frankly, simply saying there will be an investigation isn’t enough.”

Squire asked, “Is Barclay still on the county payroll? Was he at least suspended pending the outcome of the investigation? Is this just another case of Camden County machine politics where they let issues fade away?

“We don’t know the outcome of Barclay’s scheduled June 28th court appearance,” Claire Gustafson said. “But, we do know he admitted to a reporter ‘it happened,’ and county residents have the right to know if a man who admitted to punching his girlfriend in the face is still on the county’s payroll, especially in the age of the MeToo movement. I know my running mates and I would never allow this to be swept under the rug and I hope our opponents feel the same.”