A Message from Chairman Richard Ambrosino

Richard AmbrosinoWelcome and thank you for visiting the official website of the Camden County Republican Committee. Please feel free to click around the site, as I’m sure you’ll find interesting and useful information. If you are here to check us out because you would like to become more involved in your government, I invite you to contact me directly at chairman@camdencountygop.com

Our organization is always interested in welcoming new, like-minded individuals who share our civic duty-oriented views and desire for a right-sized, fiscally responsible government. We have an open enrollment for vacancies on our County Committee. Even if County Committee is filled in your town, there remain many other opportunities to become involved from running for office as a candidate, to joining a campaign team for an existing candidate, to joining the many local active Republican clubs and other organizations. We are also always interested in signing up Election Day Challengers to monitor polling places throughout Camden County – a very important job to protect the integrity of the voting process. If you are interested in working as an official paid pollworker for Camden County, we can also assist you. As you can see, there are a lot of ways to get involved.

I want to especially encourage those of you who have always had an interest in politics, but for some reason never quite took the next step, to make this the day you decide to act on your interest. Your local government as well as county and state governments need intelligent and creative people to serve in these difficult times. As Republicans, it is our job to challenge the status quo, question the existing power structure in Camden County and in our towns, and point out its shortcomings. We need to adhere to the traditional Republican principles that separate us from the “other guys”: Fiscal responsibility, right-sized government, and a tax system which only takes from its citizens what it needs to operate the limited and basic services government was intended to provide – not soaking taxpayers to use their hard-earned money to reward their cronies and donors with over-priced and unnecessary lucrative government contracts that benefit nobody but the donor and the Party.

In freedom,

Richard Ambrosino, Chairman